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"Topics in focus" JiePi negative typical P2P lending to mess yue yuen

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CCTV net news (the focus interview) : this year or two, a news everyone not unfamiliar, that is some P2P company, with high interest rates to attract social funds, plugging the hole is not away with it, we often hear such a thing. In fact, the specification of the P2P company, it should be "Internet financial peer-to-peer lending platform", can provide a safe and efficient financing intermediary services. To radical, guarantee the healthy development of P2P, August countries introduced the network credit information intermediary business management interim measures ", in October and introduced the Internet financial risks rectification work plan notice. It should be said that these norms of targeted are strong, put in place there will be results. That they are put in place? In early September, the reporter in Beijing is a place nearby, see, a few young people are the road to present the activity of reading glasses. The reporter understands, convex glass can free of charge, but to register personal information, must also be this...
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