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Why are you the "Xiongan Concept Unit"?

2017-04-11 16:51:40Source: 36 krypton

Why are you the "Concept Unit of Xiongan New Area"? In the early morning of April 10, Gucheng Fragrance Industry (830837), a new three-board listed company that wanted to resume trading, was "seized" by the stock transfer system for inquiry. In the inquiry letter, the stock transfer system pointed out that some media referred to the stock of Gucheng Xiangyi as "the concept stock of Xiongan New Area". Could the company disclose whether it has carried out business activities within the administrative divisions involved in Xiongan New Area? Do you own property rights to land, houses or other fixed assets within the administrative divisions of Xiongan New District? This inquiry has aroused great concern in the market, which is also the first stock to be questioned by regulators about its identity as "Xiongan New Area Concept Stock". Ancient City Fragrance Industry: It is not in the administrative area of Xiongan New District. "The company is really not in the administrative area, the media coverage is not very accurate." On the same day, the new third board called Ancient City Fragrance Online, the company's relevant people said that in the near future will release the relevant public..

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