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In 2017, AI entrepreneurs to return to commercial law

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In 2017, AI entrepreneurs to return to commercial law
Editor's note: this article from the Milky Way melting fast, the author liu wei junwei, Milky Way connected artificial intelligence division general manager, partner; Before the jingdong intelligence director of strategic investment, successively in samsung electronics, zte work, understand the development of the industry of the intelligence and in-depth; Investment including polar diagram technology, deep Europe, depending on science and technology, shenzhen, kunming plume technology, such as lei feng network intelligence project, focusing on angel - pre IPO equity investment of the project, the direction is mainly artificial intelligence, robot, intelligent hardware such as intelligence. Hi, I'm liu wei junwei. Artificial intelligence has entered a high-speed development period, giants and startups are layout, also ushered in the traditional industry restructuring opportunities. For entrepreneurs, as the giants of the AI ecological increasingly perfect, the storage and computing costs have fallen sharply, the AI is also gradually reduced the difficulty of start-ups. According to the data shows, in the past two years new artificial intelligence companies more than...
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