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How will the future human think robots now

2017-04-19 07:35:24Source: Tencent technology

[tencent editor's note] the combination of artificial intelligence and robotics technology has a broad application prospect, but the technology is still in its infancy, fifty years later the robots look back today, just as now look at the plane first appeared. (the following content from foreign websites, VentureBeat, compiled by tencent technology.) Recently, the media are keen to talk about "the robot will take our work". Although these reports are mostly predict, but there are some real cases show that the robot is currently replacing part of jobs. Robot startup Marble cooperate with Yelp launched this week to deliver a robot (similar in shape to a white four-wheeled cart), used to deliver food to the customers in San Francisco. Use the built-in sensors and cameras, the robot can in the busy streets, but also can monitor the pavement and walking to optimize the route. But, this kind of robot is semi-automatic...

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