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Liu Yuhan: Why does Haier play new media marketing at the top 6?

2017-05-22 11:18:00Source: Internet Analysis Salon

Recently, Haier Guanwei posted a micro-blog, "I heard you like to drink this, I asked for some from my little partner @Wangzi Club, one person from the attention forwarding, and sent ten boxes of Wangzi extra-strong milk." Shortly after the micro-blog was released, it received many comments and comments from netizens. Many people praise Haier marketing is really more and more play. It can be said that Haier-style new media textbook-style operation, so that Haier and Wangzi milk achieve a win-win situation. It is not the first time that Haier and Wangzi have joined forces in the integration of resources and the combination of strength and strength. Before that, Haier had "isolated communication" with many brands. From every time Haier chooses a joint brand and explodes hot spots, it can be seen that Haier officials play a lot more than "speed" and "content". The detonation of Weibo by Wangzi is a manifestation of speed. Extracting one person to send Wangzi's milk is a feedback to fans'content. Haier Guanwei is not only a platform for interaction and communication between Haier and its fans, but also a fan.

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