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Netease way, ding AB face

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Netease way, ding AB face
Netease is strictly selected and millet "towel" in a pinch, makes a xinjiang towel leaping "empty", like faint raised a white flag on the battlefield. After by the challenge of saturated to neutralize the opponents, netease sharp knife, not only about bargain sales promotion, and pushed on cloud music first netease yan picked the money back. The best selling of beneath the surface, it is netease blast 56-point thrashing. "To ding: can give entrepreneurs a way?" Is lit the fuse of events, ding individuals have not publicly, only to find clues from the official position, was the netease yan picked the money back in the period of the lyrics: "an article and have spent a few days ago Give an towel pour dirty & have spent The boss says hum & foul mood have spent So the price drop down & have spent Twelve a strong is not strong." In zhihu rumours that a called "Ding Leiyou what interesting stories?" The post, vividly describes the ding in enterprise management...
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