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Zhao Zhao: China lacks ingenuity and respect for craftsmen.

2017-07-19 12:49:28Source: DoNews

In 2017, the Star Yao 360 Game Panoramic Award Ceremony has been held to the sixth session. In order to review the development course of Chinese game industry in the past 20 years, and to encourage and reward the Chinese players with craftsmanship and innovation spirit, Star Yao 360 launched the theme activity of "Chinese craftsmen who are committed to creating local excellent games" this year, aiming to thank everyone for taking practical actions to lead the development process of Chinese game industry. The pioneers, as well as the watchers of Chinese native games who adhere to their beliefs and pursue their dreams with the spirit of ingenuity, are grateful to this era of blooming dreams and glory, setting more excellent examples for the Chinese game industry and contributing more exquisite products to Chinese game players. Zhao Zhao, CEO of the Babel Age: Don't forget the first thought before you get the original introduction: When studying in the United States, Zhao Zhao created the "Babel Age" with a passion for games and an ideal. He hoped to create the game into a world-wide Babel Tower. After eight years of entrepreneurship, he still adheres to the original (?)

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