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Zheng Shuang afraid of "black", keyboard man how she answer?

2017-08-03 15:46:11Source: DoNews

Said to Zheng Shuang, she definitely is after 90 were grown up with black flower. After smoking and weibo small wave, now she is still black material constant, although she is not in the entertainment industry excellent actress, but she has been working hard to improve myself, at least she's every image is vivid, and. But is such a pure lovely and self-motivated girl, is now being keyboard man black pieces. Now in addition to her "little fairy", set collapse, is called "white lotus", even like her fans are called "powder" cult. In the face of network keyboard man these personal attacks, also once weibo Zheng Shuang trumpet said: for eight years, each time in the face of the keyboard man personal attacks a lot of people tell me to ignore, serious acting is good, I really do, but I didn't think long patience for it is more unscrupulous personal attacks. Previously, Zheng Shuang but also for keyboard with weibo trumpet and network man...

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