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Compared with the "middle", "new middle" will be how to spend your life

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Compared with the
Today's public opinion on the field, can't find another word, can be more than the "middle" moves the ambivalence of the public. But it is worth pondering, and the media always love the middle class and stratum curing, sensitive issues such as social stratification binding, middle the word has been dubbed a "new" word, then plating on a pace similar to that of aura with the developed countries. What is a new middle? Intuition in them when so: relatively young, received education, have certain social resources and wealth, curious about new things sensitive, half is desire, and half is anxious, and constantly to find the balance of life and work. More importantly, compared with roll "old middle", they are the future of Chinese business. It is hard to say that their number is one hundred million or two hundred million, to be sure, no country can release such a huge desire to consume. Rising of the new middle class, is released the first...
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