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Unified "exit" instant noodles market, but will shift to high-end "face"

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The unity of the instant noodles market share accounted for the second will be out of the mainland market, the old pickled vegetable noodles say  Goodbye, these rumors from unified sent a not very good results after. Then unified denial, made it clear that the brand of instant noodles, not out of the mainland market, but the future of instant noodles, the business center of gravity will tend to high-end products. According to Taiwan, when the electronic newspaper reported on August 11, united chairman luo first performance in Taiwan held a briefing, said at the meeting, unified internal have a consensus, to gradually withdraw from the so-called (China) the instant noodles market, talent to do soup, to do Chinese meal. Not traditional noodles won't do, just don't spend too much energy. Soup's got talent and the Chinese meal is unified, higher product prices, price at 5 yuan of above. In other words, unify with the high-end market, but the low-end products such as old yun pickled vegetable beef noodles, not to be delisted. A unified strategy...
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