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Su ning 818 section fever "fire", no one shop "lived"

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Su ning 818 section fever
In August, everybody poking fun at the most should be the recent hot weather, but related to heat and fever since August 1st open suning shopping festival. Fever shopping, performance is not common, and then take suning phones, sales year-on-year growth of 377.9%, three days before double growth achieved industry first. The 818 fever period and suning wisdom important turning point in the development of retail, online synchronous operation ability of suning for years is gradually revealed, retail era ushered in our own wisdom. Su Ningyun business vice chairman wei-min sun said, "future retail entity retail, e-commerce, the evolution process of the middle and higher development is wisdom and retail. "Su ning advocated the wisdom of the retail is to promote the wisdom of" five ", is a wise purchase, 2 it is wisdom, wisdom is to call three services, channels, wisdom is to call four of five is wisdom forms. As if the wisdom retail concept of general enough, su...
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