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Answer 2005: Cycle, Turn, Grassroots China Internet

2017-09-06 18:00:00Source: Billion euro

The Chinese lunar calendar pays attention to the cycle of twelve years. When people miss Zhou Hongyou, mock Jia Yueting's "Quick Return" in 2017, lament Chen Tianqiao's hero's old age, and get used to the monopoly of BAT, looking back 12 years ago in 2005, you will find that it is the beginning of many stories. That year, for the first time, Chinese netizens exceeded 100 million, becoming the second largest Internet country after the United States. The second round of Internet companies'listing in the United States is surging. In August 2015, Baidu landed in the US stock market. Many people remembered Robin Li's remarks to his wife. BAT laid the foundation: Ma Yun secretly founded Taobao, defeated the outsider eBay in the name of "free", and sniped eBay, a domestic competitor. Ma Huateng blocked Microsoft MSN and bought Zhang Xiaolong's Foxmail. The latter was reluctant to go to Shenzhen. Ma Huateng set up Tencent Guangzhou Research Institute. A few years later, it changed the social and lifestyle of hundreds of millions of people. More...

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