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Everything is changing, and the "monopoly" you understand is out of date

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Everything is changing, and the
In the Internet age, the performance of traditional advertising companies is getting worse. The new oligarchs have divided most of the market's advertising revenue, and more and more people are beginning to worry about the trend of excessive monopoly. Not long ago, Google was issued a huge antitrust ticket by the European Union, and other giants were facing charges all over the world. How can we understand the current and future monopolies when Internet Co can be more easily and quickly become an independent player in some industry? Recently, the Stratechery blog has published some ideas. Take the advertising industry as an example, let's see what the advertising industry looks like (as follows). Advertisers in blue boxes communicate with each other in newspapers that are not gray boxes. They will directly contact with advertising companies in the middle green box. In this way, the advertiser simplifies the work process; the advertising company can also cooperate with a number of advertisers to get the price with different newspapers and magazines.
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