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How crazy hyaluronic acid, down the profits altar?

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How crazy hyaluronic acid, down the profits altar?
On July 22, this year 16 years old girl Matthew (not her real name), with 2000 yuan price accepted rhinoplasty in bengbu a beauty salon. Matthew was injected hyaluronic acid in nasal occurs when the body is unwell, eventually lead to the right eye light reflex disappearing. After the incident, the salon was confirmed that do not have medical hairdressing qualifications, to Matthew surgery doctor also does not have the corresponding practice certificate. This is a typical medical beauty case: black beauty salon is a one-time deal, girls beauty is not a boomerang. Can use a set of data to illustrate the background: the 2017 national physician American consumers are expected to be 14 million, including non-surgical beauty treatment (injection of hyaluronic acid and botox) are expected to grow by 35%; The regular channel sales of hyaluronic acid is expected to more than 10 million cigarettes, and black market sales 2-3 times that of the former; A hyaluronic acid producers has disclosed in the prospectus, its products in the top margin of a 98.23%! Hyaluronic acid, a...
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