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ITechclub your edvance "situation", "Zhuge" on the wisdom of the cloud

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ITechclub your edvance
On 15-17 September, "the trend, the iTechclub nineteenth Internet elite Summit Forum" was successfully held in Guizhou GUI new area. This conference gathered nearly 300 top tier Internet technology giant coffee and technology executives in China, focusing on AI and big data areas, the future most likely to change the field of human life. The summit, the cloud wisdom technology partner Wang Zhiwu close to the summit theme speech, mainly introduced the cloud wisdom of how big data used in the field of CDN and build intelligent fusion CDN platform, the released blockbuster "Zhuge" intelligent association analysis system has attracted many participants' interest, become one of the highlights of the summit. Cloud wisdom technology partner Wang Zhiwu speech - Fusion CDN service trend make up the short board, big data to improve the efficiency of the platform for the integration of Wang Zhiwu first introduced the cloud wisdom CDN fusion products launched, he said, scheduling of limited space, low stability and management...
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