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Low yield listed to delay the apple iPhone X "miscalculation"

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Low yield listed to delay the apple iPhone X
S our reporter ma yan 10 years at apple smartphone, turning more slowly and clearly. First iPhone sales encounter cold, recently revealed the iPhone didn't start X production schedules, may start mass production until mid-october, entered the stage of mass production for the fourth season. Have, analysts say, if true, this means that the iPhone X face far more serious than previously expected to limit supply chain. How does the fact? IHS Technology China research director Mr Wang told reporters, the "securities daily". In fact the iPhone X production has begun, but it does yield is very low. OLED joint yield low iPhone X delay the listed shortages on apple and its suppliers in the OLED panel manufacturing is really in trouble. Mr Wang said, the problem mainly lies in the fact that OLED display screen to screen and below layer 3 d touch on together, and the yield...
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