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"Pay for using" PK "to pay", sharing the car's renewed

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Baidu encyclopedia on the definition of Shared economy is: in order to obtain a certain reward as the main purpose, based on a stranger and existing goods temporarily transfer of the right to the use of a new economic pattern. Sharing economy, weakening is simply "ownership", to strengthen the "right", improve resource utilization rate, make its maximum value. For consumers, is from "to pay" to "pay" for use. Since 2015, the concept of Shared economy, have appeared in people's life. Prime minister li keqiang, the two mentioned on sharing economy, encourage exploration and developing Shared economy. Shared economic concepts after two or three years of fermentation, already thorough popular feeling gradually. Pig short rent to drops to travel, to worship, ofo: yellow car, the concept of Shared economy gradually penetrates into every aspect of public life, especially travel sector. Scanning body qr code, download the APP, registration, delivery of the deposit... Just a few minutes, just...
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