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Eyeing China e-commerce advertisers Vizury optimization packet 4 News

2015-08-05 09:11:06Source: billion state power network

8 month, the world's leading effect of marketing technology company Vizury (VMware) interaction in China launched Intellibid CPC optimization algorithm of packet based on, the integration of a variety of algorithms, for advertisers personalized provided for precise delivery. Vizury relevant responsible person said, the new product in the Vizury world in almost 80 of the algorithm, the selection of 30 algorithms for the Chinese region to provide integrated to meet the different demands of electricity suppliers advertisers, and ultimately landing for the Intellibid optimization algorithm. Advertisers can be based on industry characteristics and their own marketing strategy, adjust the Intellibid product package, select a different service mode, will be accurate, redirect more timely and appropriate application. The person in charge, RTB, DSP and other smart advertising has changed from the concept into account for nearly 20% of China's advertising market service, this form is more continuous electricity suppliers focus on electricity suppliers. ...

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