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Sharing of Shared economy car why delayed fly?

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Sharing of Shared economy car why delayed fly?
After sharing cycling is popular throughout the country, "sharing model" began to be investors have high hopes. Hanging in the capital, driven by a variety of "sharing" of the product. There is mo worship, ofo: bicycle before war on, after Europe, Chen sicong about sharing charging treasure everyone knows the bet, and share the umbrella, sharing the kitchen... Sharing cars, however, does not seem to be so "good life", whether it is parked, use or car, are faced with the problem more complex than sharing a bike. In the scale of development at the same time, cost, operation, profit, and so on these problems are also on the operators. If these problems can not balance, then share a car or will only be a "false". Sharing the predicament of the industry is generally believed that is the bicycle market within 3 km, 3 to 30 kilometers is a taxi market. However, facing the network about car and...
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