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Medicine globalization roll, must see the three trends

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Medicine globalization roll, must see the three trends
At present there are nearly 60-70% of the health care market is still dominated by the north American market, and there are many small biopharmaceutical companies than from mature markets, including the United States, Europe, Japan,. However, as these regions have increasing price pressure, as well as rapid population growth (including global ageing), means that large pharmaceutical companies need to find new untapped market. These markets can not only provide many opportunities, but also led to the rise of medical infrastructure more and more demand for innovation in medicine. But, in a single geographical area outside the market selling drugs become more difficult. Where the supervision system of each are not identical, different payment system, will require a different marketing. Even if the present is facing many challenges and obstacles, but also cannot prevent medicine is becoming the trend of economic globalization. 1, for China's investment and investment from China, China is gradually become biotechnology power, investment is also increasing...
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