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Xia ancient book "gleanings record" netease comic warmth

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Xia ancient book
Recently, the domestic famous cartoonist xia, return the first full-color comic "gleanings record warmth on November 4, will be published in netease comics online synchronization. Netease comics published model through retained the original page, by fine-tuning the picture font methods such as optimization of mobile reading comics experience, efforts to present the original for the user the gleanings record. After brewing for rectified, xia announced, ancient book "gleanings record warmth back. As an individual first full-color short ManHuaJi, recorded the gleanings "series includes" wan ku ", "master" and so on a series of new stories. Full of coloured drawing or pattern the gleanings recorded "painting style and exquisite exquisite, through characters in the story in the stream of history romantic encounter, persistent and waiting, life feeling moved... Wonderful interwoven into one brilliant ancient history and moving story. At the same time, "xia a number of high-quality cartoons on netease comic platform to get a lot of popularity. As a high-profile domestic cartoonists, "xia comics personal...
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