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Tmall double first hour finish at 11:57.1 billion GMV

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Tmall double first hour finish at 11:57.1 billion GMV
Annual shopping spree in the battle of the first hours of opening day cat double 11 just finish, hundred million euro at the scene of the day the cat double 11 media center brings the latest trade data. In the opening just 3 minutes 01 seconds, Tmall double 11 volumes to breakthrough 10 billion yuan, and last year in more than 6 minutes to break 10 billion GMV; And in 1 hour 49 seconds, reaching 57.1 billion yuan. And in the hours, all the wireless transaction accounted for more than 92%. In addition, the opening 40 minutes when trading broke through 50 billion yuan; Pay the sum of several aspects, in 7 minutes 23 seconds to break through 100 million, pay peak 256000 transactions per second. In addition to the overall turnover, alibaba's official published many other interesting data. Cross-border shopping, importing country in the top three for Japan, the United States, Australia; Export country (region) of the top three in Hong Kong, the United States and Taiwan. The most popular among foreigners goods category, the top three in turn is outside the cloth...
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