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A double tenth don't rolled cat, let's lu robot

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A double tenth don't rolled cat, let's lu robot
When people talk about double tenth a shopping experience, the focus of the talks to often including clothes, mobile phones, electrical appliances, books, and even to eat and drink. But in this year's double ten a list of chop hand, a new category is on the rise: intelligent robot. Above is Tmall statistics of the double tenth day, intelligent machines human purpose Tmall trading index. The first name is education ability storm robot, trading index is 469000. Second is hkust xunfei bot, exchange index was 360000, the third is the bot mak card intelligent equipment, trading index is 254000. A fourth is HaoEr optimal partner robot, trading index is 232000. Fifth is millet flagship store of the lego robot and bot, trading index is 222000. These figures mean? Reporter from sales in the first place, education ability storm robot manufacturer, Shanghai future partner robot co., LTD., a double tenth day can...
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