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A week to review 丨 education industry events (11.05 11.11)

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A week to review 丨 education industry events (11.05 11.11)
In the past week (11.05 11.11), education industry financing is still the continuation of last week, as early as preschool education, study abroad, in the field of quality education, and other enterprises access to capital, financing amount is one hundred million yuan. Xinhua education plans to list in Hong Kong, and hand over a beautiful transcripts, RMB profits for three consecutive years, the four seasons education on the nyse, raised $101 million. Randy disciplines and extracurricular meow, music education and other companies to release new products... About specific news and other related information, can click the blue link to view. The following is A detailed information summary: the investment and financing to learn without borders ▌ won tens of millions of A + round, on November 7, provide one-stop service for students, learning without borders announced that completed the tens of millions of yuan A + round of financing, the financing by the joint venture, silver jiang equity joint venture. Get a new round of funding, after learning without borders will continue to increase the depth of the study in longitudinal service and service quality, increase the social marketing...
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