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Do electricity netease, if be the middle leader?

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Do electricity netease, if be the middle leader?
In recent years the domestic social values in the tide of public opinion, frequently, an interesting phenomenon - reversal. Some reversal is based on more the truth emerged, but some are because of the presence of the multi-dimensional value orientation. "Poison chicken soup" and "funeral culture", "fleeing north guang", "midlife crisis", "fat", etc., after suddenly brought a wave of brush screen rhythm, will jump out of the new dispute even opposing points of view out of the street, and in a lot of hot point of view, "serious reform" has become a lot of smart people first reaction. The Internet under a gold mine: middle group mind the entrance And collision of entanglement of the social culture must be based on the population structure of pluralism, this is also true that match the current imbalance of regional economy to develop different class of phenomena. Besides what we often say "middle group", and easy to be driven by "grassroots", "middle" confusion and lack of sense of belonging, and lonely at the top of the "middle...
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