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AI team "cloud technology" complete B round, joint investment institutions

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Tencent business - November 20 news, recently, the Chinese national team cloud artificial intelligence from formally completed B wheel is 500 million yuan RMB financing of science and technology, combined with the guangzhou municipal government to the cloud from the 2 billion government funding support of science and technology, the development of a total of 2.5 billion yuan of money. This round of financing by suitable for capital, yuan wo origin, PWC capital joint collar, yuexiu cast, zhangjiang Milky Way, first sea prosperous with shots. Founded at the same time, better technology, Ren Yu male JieAo capital such as angel round and A round of the investor to continue with this round. Cloud after this round of funding from the science and technology will continue to deep key industries, with the national development and reform commission, the artificial intelligence platform as the core to promote the strategy of "cross". In addition to the bank, airport, security and other key industries continue to expand the lead, will also continue to occupy the other segment of the market leading position, and through the national enterprise incubation AI artificial intelligence platform, can provide the technical assignment, improve the potential of people, organizations and society. According to tencent entrepreneurship (micro letter no. : public q...
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