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Who is the winner of the Windows 10 China market?

2015-08-13 11:32:00Source: goods transit network

since July 29, windows 10 push fully open after, about windows 10 keywords has been proud home microblogging hot topic, hot Baidu search list etc., even friends to meet and chat free talks not and whether installed this version of the system. Regardless of its experience exactly how as Microsoft released the final version of windows, windows 10 is not only the highlight in Microsoft, and the splendid in the Internet industry. Say these, just want to show that, if which enterprise to take on the Windows 10 this time limited edition luxury train, it will make a generous, not only the pot full, but also can save a lot of advertising. In my opinion, the following are the winners of this enterprise. 1, Baidu with the promotion of the installation, Microsoft is constantly on the Windows 10 to do the adjustment. According to reports, in addition to...

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