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Netease "wilderness act" registered users after content began to hit the plugin

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DoNews mutual entertainment news on December 5 (reporter Sheng-jun liu) netease reported within the wilderness action game, the game total number of registered users has exceeded 100 million. In the accumulation of users, launched a series of events, content, and community building measures, after the game the team started "down on" plugin. (announcement) the wilderness act on September 22nd iOS first test, on October 22, android was first, November 3, the test platform. Game main large map, a large, high degree of freedom, such as characteristics, with "peacekeepers military exercises to prepare and peacekeepers to select" worldview to the game. After the game platform test all open, have launched a nationwide colleges and ladder line up and down events such as the bounty, and short video collection, star recruiting activities such as host, from the tournament and speed up the game content, and community aspects of ecological environment construction. (external announcement) on December 5, in view of the game plugin problem, netease game official release...
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