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Ma: each enterprise has to upgrade

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Ma: each enterprise has to upgrade
Each time, I have to share ideas about the future of the Internet wuzhen, some thought, especially in the past year. One, each enterprise has to upgrade just discussed to traditional economy to the Internet and digital economy transition, I personally think like this: not every enterprise must transition, but every enterprise must upgrade, this is because in the future, the market has changed, the size, number changed, quantitative, so it's impossible to you the same thing. In fact, over the past 18 years alibaba has experienced numerous painful transformation and upgrade, today's 18 years ago of alibaba, alibaba is not today's alibaba alibaba also is not a year ago, our internal in contrast, had done before, feel is a very difficult transition. Transformation must be in pain, I remember a few times, nine years after internal discussion, one of the most intense decision is we should put the company into a data company, because we believe that the future is a cloud...
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