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Huawei new photos outflow, causing netizen comments god

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Huawei new photos outflow, causing netizen comments god
Recently, some netizens revealed a few zhang hua for the latest mobile phone one thousand yuan - unlimited 7 s photos. To see from the photos, this new handsets used the full screen of the most popular, the whole body particularly fine thin, large screen of catering to the mainstream aesthetic. Some professionals say, the phone should be used is 5.65 inches, and full hd screen view. From the point of the screen picture of exposure, the resolution is to force, the girl's hair are shown particularly well, and the black and grey colour display is very real, let a person feel a kind of want to touch. Is exposed on the back of the phone color, golden body, appearance level of the representatives. However, mobile phone camera part was blocked by accident, it caused a lot of curious net friend's guess. Huawei as domestic mobile phone brand, its strength has been online, the unlimited s function with 7 should not brand "hit". From the perspective of a full screen and body mainstream configuration, the camera...
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