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Draft version platform: the capital of new media content trading platform

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New media industry capital favor, draft manuscript platform power content marketing since 2016, the new media caught the attention of the strength of the capital market, value into the outbreak period, since the media industry chain gradually perfect, small workshops to corporate operations, content organization evolution, continued to promote productivity, more high quality content and makes the user's requirements is higher. In this grim situation, since the media entrepreneurs want to capital, it is difficult as hammering a wooden bridge. Many since the media entrepreneurs in order to ensure the quality of male number on time, have update, chose to neutralise them this way, however filling vacancies is difficult to meet the demand of the market, the manuscript of supply and demand both sides lack a communication platform. In order to let more male operators to obtain high quality articles, on the basis of relying on copyright, copyright services, new media content introduced the industry's first professional trading platform - draft copy platform. Draft version platform copyright belongs to the family...
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