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BAT building cars to remember

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BAT building cars to remember
In recent one month, the new building cars company dense voice, not announced financing is to start. Xiao peng chairman formally opened to the confirm xiao-peng he xiao peng car over A + 3 round round: before and after the financing rounds after A0, A1, A2, get each top investment institutions and the Internet giant's strength. A0 wheel from the alibaba group and xiao-peng he himself; A1 wheel as GGV capital, morningside, IDG, warp/weft capital, joint investment of capital and relating to the surplus capital; A2 wheel have new tripod capital, brothers venture capital and the speed of light. At this point, the Internet three giant BAT war, has from the Internet to the car: baidu invested wei horse car; Alibaba investment xiao peng car; Tencent's investment in the wei to car... BAT last time intensive "on", or in two or three years ago, when everybody's train of thought or a target car machine screen, this is the Internet company on the easiest place to start. So baidu launched a Ca...
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