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Block chain drive supply chain financial innovation

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Block chain drive supply chain financial innovation
The current Chinese economy is in an important period of transformation and upgrading faces many challenges, "steady growth, promoting the reform, restructuring, livelihood" is the primary task of the current economic and social development, innovation is becoming a new engine of economic development in China. In the backdrop of the "wisdom made in China", with the development of information technology, has developed into the supply chain and supply chain from the combination of the Internet, the Internet of things depth new stage. To accelerate the innovation and application of supply chain, promote industrial organization, business model and way of government innovation, and promote structural reform, the supply side of the state council general office on October 5, 2017, issued the do hair [2017] no. 2017 of the general office of the state council on promoting innovation of supply chain and the guidance of application. One was "actively yet prudently develop the financial supply chain" puts forward the guidance, so what is a supply chain finance, how to actively yet prudently with new technology to solve problems in supply chain finance? We are from a typical scene...
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