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Musk, don't cry

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Musk, don't cry
Musk, don't cry. On December 16th, for a period of "iron man" on the Internet, elon musk, video interviewed (CBS's 60 minutes show), musk eyes moist, and sometimes a SOB. This period of 6 minute video very perceptual, so to speak, there are many scenes and text reviewed the musk was founded tesla and encounter bad-mouthing after inspections. But all these setbacks are to bake tomasz how successful now. When the subtitles on the When you are about to difference up, think of that one reason according to them to start  (when you want to give up, think about why you want to start), musk bluntly said: "I don't give up." He said: "I don't know what call to give up, unless...
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