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Li: next year there will be a batch of AI

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Li: next year there will be a batch of AI
Hunting cloud note: in the past month, innovation works chairman lee a laps in North America. He saw a lot of investors, visit several big AI giant companies in the United States, to understand what they were doing, and deep learning three Daniel Hinton, LeCun, Bengio has carried on the exchange. Source: PEVC CareerIn investment Banks to apply for a job on December 11, lee to "foresee 2018" for the subject to share, to black wisdom and other media, summed up his knowledge and experience of North America. Kai-fu lee said, there are about four wave: the development of artificial intelligence AI, Internet business, the physical world perception AI AI, and automatic AI. They occur simultaneously, without order, however, will bring enormous business opportunities to the future economy. The big four AI companies in North America, lee summary is: Google has Daniel advantage; Facebook do deeper, it is not fair...
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