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Aurora: big data reveal tencent jingdong Vipshop fit

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Aurora: big data reveal tencent jingdong Vipshop fit
On December 18th morning, tencent, jingdong and only will jointly announced that said three companies have reached a strategic partnership. According to the final agreement, tencent and jingdong will when trading settlement invest about 863 million dollars in cash to the latter. Before counting jingdong holds a 2.5% stake, upon the completion of the delivery, tencent and jingdong will hold 7% and 7% respectively. Early in July, the market began to talk jingdong and wei will be the possibility of cooperation between capital level, the aurora big data also wrote articles to discuss the feasibility of cooperation in the data level. Now both sides of the cooperation scheme has been the dust settled, we might as well from the latest dimension of data to examine the two sides in the cooperation on how strong synergistic effect. The two sides equal magnitude, user differences into cooperation key aurora large data...
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