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Zhou Hongyi: "security" Internet age need AI big data technology support

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Zhou Hongyi:
December 29, DoNews news (reporter Zhao Jinjie) 360 group founder and CEO of Zhou Hongyi on December 29, said in an article in the People's Daily, the Internet has entered the era of "great security", is one big characteristic of all attacks are unknown. As a network security company, want to 24-hour comprehensive network security situational perception, would have to depend on AI big data technology support. Zhou Hongyi summed up the network security of "security", "five new" new features: "new" is refers to the new threat, "great security" era against the impact of network is more and more big, the terrorism and cyber network, poses a new threat to network security to the world; "Big five" refers to the big challenges, strategies, big industry, big data and cooperation. Since this year, network security and other non-traditional security threats continue to spread. All kinds of hacker attacks the consequences of more and more serious. Examples of Zhou Hongyi said, such as early had seismic network virus attacks...
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