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A "hands free" suitcase! Beyond self-balancing, be your asshole.

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When traveling or traveling on business, you always need to take your suitcase with you. Perhaps many people have fantasized that their hands can be liberated - that they can move forward without pushing the suitcase by hand. At present, a Chinese company is introducing a follower suitcase The 90Fun Puppy 1. As the name suggests, it will become a "follower" of the owner of the box like a pet. It is reported that the suitcase will officially appear at next week's International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES). 90Fun Puppy 1 is not, in fact, the first smart suitcase with automatic follow-up. But the company said its technical cooperation with Segway made it the first suitcase to use self-balancing technology. Puppy 1 has built-in gravity adaptive system, which helps maintain the balance of luggage when wheels roll. It's like a traditional suitcase.
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