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Reveal the real anchor ring

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Reveal the real anchor ring
They are not actors, but desire to have their own stage. When the last night in 2017, tens of thousands of viewers are watching each big TV's New Year's party, have so a group of people in front of the cameras on their New Year's "party", that is the live webcast. Live has become a typical presentation of this era, there will be a day on average more than 200 million people and live on each platform. Nearly two years, however, live webcast fire let many people see the world, overnight success seem very simple, there is no lack of among them some people, no means using the live for a particular purpose. As a result, be less glorious news most associated with the host, such as brush "gift" "exceptional induced minors" and so on, and even has been dubbed the "net beggar". But in fact, been reported is just a few of the millions of network host, a lot of anchor in the mind very resist being as beggars or eat their face. Especially, after 2016 years of...
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