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Be careful of the Apes

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Be careful of the Apes
Cloud Hunting: the last year of 2017 was the new year of retail, with giant businesses and start-ups competing on the new retail track. Following the 380 million A1 round of financing in November last year, the total amount of financing for the immediate convenience consumption platform, which was just established for only four months, was nearly 500 million RMB. Why the scarlet's convenience has so rapidly led to the common concern of capital and the market. The source of the article: the new consumption of weeds. The original text is as follows: in 2017, it was the new year of retail. Entrepreneurs explore the way ahead of capital, from the new business super, no convenience stores, vending machines to unmanned shelves. In order to find the best path to reach users, new retail consumption scenarios are rapidly evolving. In a variety of formats, the development of unmanned shelves is the most rapid. In less than a year, there are more than 50 players entering and financing more than 2 billion yuan. In addition to a number of new venture companies, Ali, Jingdong, Shun Feng and other giants are also strong into the Bureau, scene subsidies, point competition, scale...
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