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The winter of Wang Jianlin in 2017

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The winter of Wang Jianlin in 2017
  Wanda Branch network has been blasting the end forced layoffs of thousands of employees, only 100 residue.   the end of November 2017, two veterans kaijiangtuotu together with Wang Jianlin, Wanda Group Director Yin Hai and Wanda Commercial Real Estate vice president Chen Ping, have left the wanda.   a few days ago, a burst of paper: "Wang Jianlin of Waterloo", once again angered Wang Jianlin. As early as August, there had been more rumors: Wang Jianlin was restricted from … …   in the twinkling of eye 2018, Wang Jianlin and Wanda were in trouble this winter.     Wang Jianlin, former Chinese richest man, initially on real estate started. Before August this year, his wealth was over $35 billion, and Wanda's total assets were over 880 billion.   at that time, he had 200 Wanda Square, more than ten Wanda, 80 five star hotels, and 1 in the world.
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