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"The last kilometer" rapid iteration, a new business model!

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Every two or three years since the year of the millennium, there are some new business models and the tuyere, may also lead to form a complete set of the logistics industry innovation and development, under the new retail outlet, today the last kilometer format on the new changes in logistics, the author thinks that, at the end of the collecting network will go through multiple stages of iteration, eventually forming "the collecting mail + new retail + life + city supply chain" of the new community business model. This logistics a figure will lead everybody, from the perspective of business flow and logistics combined mining future logistics last mile - collecting network iteration process, the new business opportunity! From 2003 represented by taobao C2C electronic business booming, by 2007, represented by jingdong B2C electrical contractor and vertical electrical contractors began, in 2010 and represented by Meituan group, represented by hungry? 2015 takeout O2O accelerated expansion, to the quality of the electricity business since 2016, social electricity producers began...
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