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The electric car periodic history

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The electric car periodic history
Thanks jing teng concept cars, even in 2018 emerging car company fired the first shot. So that let Jia Yueting FF91 shade. I can not help but sigh: this year, even the car all play full screen? This year, in the Internet business and capital, new building cars company good enough sleep over: various display concept cars, all kinds of intelligent, various ecological within two years, a variety of delivery, all kinds of the land, all kinds of plants, all from the poacher, all kinds of traditional enterprises from the tesla the poacher... Do, developed more than one hundred years of automobile industry, really suffered time turn? And, don't have to master the core technology of the Chinese, or the twist leader? Research on this topic, to speak of from the history of electric... 1 now the scale of building cars movement, as well as the many participants, a concept of dazzling, in the history of the whole car industry is a deja vu. We are in the world's automobile consumption big country the United States, for example...
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