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Xiao-long zhang triple anxiety about content distribution

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Xiao-long zhang triple anxiety about content distribution
There is no doubt that WeChat public class and xiao-long zhang is becoming a hot spot of today refresh circle of friends. Xiao-long zhang talked a lot about WeChat future thinking, although this year's WeChat more space or in the public class said "a little program," but some progress about "subscribe" is also very interesting, but also reveal the xiao-long zhang actually behind this triple anxiety about content distribution. The first heavy anxiety: what information do you want to do? Subscription number during the past few months, the letter is about to change into the flow of information all the news, while in the open class, xiao-long zhang clear to explicitly denied the rumors. "Subscription number just subscribe to a collection of all, we are have the idea to improve the efficiency of users to subscribe to the content of reading. But some people think we have to change the subscription, do the flow of information, this is very strange. In fact, we have not thought of doing a subscription number information flow...
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