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套路太多 《兵器少女》最强超级阵容盘点

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套路太多 《兵器少女》最强超级阵容盘点
_The second Yuanmei Girls Hand Tour "Weapon Girls" brand-new superheroes have been open for more than a month. At present, many small partners have accumulated enough materials to exchange for recruitment, but the tangled problem has arisen. Who should the two superheroes recruit first? What kind of routine should the super lineup follow? Don't worry, today we will take a detailed inventory of the strongest super lineup for you! Ares - Rage Attack Stream_Ares is an output superhero with super attack power and super critical damage! If the first choice is to recruit Ares, then the attack ability of the lineup is undoubtedly the strongest, no matter for the PVE duplicate map or the PVP arena, there is no absolute shortboard. In the arena, if we add the assistant Vincent of attack and crit, as well as the high-speed Ophilia clearance, Ares can be regarded as a one-size-fits-all. Apollo - Absolute Defense Vietnam is more terrible. If superheroes choose Apollo first,...
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