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"Tick Carpool" upgrade "tick travel" online about car war imminent?

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The American regiment took a taxi seven cities to strike, the first to receive 1 billion financing of Cao's car, the analysis believes that the 2018 online market for small and medium-sized players will rise Beijing News (reporter Chen Weicheng) January 18, ticking carpool officially announced the completion of the brand upgrade, from the "tick carpool" upgraded to "tick travel", from a focus on the car ride platform Upgraded to a taxi, ride-by-car mobile travel platform, the future carpool function continues to be used in taxis and rides. Ticking travel said that the introduction of the "free grab single, 0 Yuan commission does not draw" policy, for taxi drivers to create an independent third-party taxi platform. At the same time, as competitors enter the bureau or add to the network about the car field, a new round of online car war or will open. Recently, the first truck, easy to go to also link the taxi field. Some market analysts believe that a number of platforms linked to the taxi business, taxi drivers have more opportunities, which will promote the traditional ...
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