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Two Fundamental Criteria of Uniqlo's Management Logic

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Two Fundamental Criteria of Uniqlo's Management Logic
Uniqlo is always thinking about how to balance the relationship between brand and retail. "At what time point, what role to play, what services to provide and how to communicate are important things." Uniqlo Greater China CMO told Lianzhang, "This is what we have been thinking about." As a brand, Uniqlo has gained worldwide fame and exported high-quality products. As a retailer, Uniqlo has achieved a record high revenue and net profit in fiscal year 2017 when the growth rate of its peers has slowed down, and even when the store has closed to stop bleeding. Obviously, whether in the brand industry or retail, Uniqlo has become a recognized learning model. But in the view of Uniqlo itself, it only focuses on the clothing industry, there is still a lot of room for improvement. The fundamental point is that in 2017, the whole Chinese market has been upgraded by consumption, digitalization, intelligent trends, new retail, block chains and so on.
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