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Motion is not "suitable"

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Motion is not
Hunting cloud note: belongs to the motion controlling perfect moment clearly has in the past. On a recent day, motion controlling closed at 49.38 yuan per share, total market capitalization of $217.9 billion. This valuation levels, compared with last year at the highest price has fallen more than thirty percent. From investment institutions and a number of professionals agree that such a view: the controlled motion valuation has "hit the ceiling. After the public's enthusiasm at the start of the rally, suitable abundant dilemma is how to start to business? Article source: interface (ID: wowjiemian) author: Cao Enhui after listed at the beginning of the craze after the rally, the express company in China with the highest market value along abundant holdings (002352 SZ) in the capital market gradually "fall from grace". "Motion is a good company, but I will not buy now." Several investors said in news communication and interface. The company's share price in the first quarter of 2017 was touched to 73...
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