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Super Bowl + ETF Gambling Industry Discovering New Plays

2018-02-05 12:29:00Source: Product path network

At 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time, the Bank of America Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was crowded with people. The 52nd Super Bowl Competition was in full swing here. Compared with the past, this year's competition is very different. Gambling companies will combine Taifang Intelligence Contract with Super Bowl. Super Bowl fans can use Taifang to bet their luck. According to the news, by querying the API of search engine nbsp and Wolfram Alpha, the ETF Intelligent Contract can get the list of teams that won the Super Bowl and distribute bonuses to the betting customers. Such simplicity and ease of operation make it popular with gambling companies in the recent boom of encrypted currency. In addition, the gambling company has a large logo on its official website, which says "No ICO, no nonsense". This sentence is very meaningful in the current environment. In recent months, suffered from _____________

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