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Press about the "knowledge economy", here are a few editors ideas

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This article from the submission, the author chaowai street 0612 month 6, her 13 in Beijing held a brand upgrade will, announced the "answer" renamed "good point", and introduces the class, class and speak at the meeting, ask products such as morphology, also talked about the plan on the hatch of expert. He said every one to build for the future to his "life guide", "line" is responsible for finding the best expert, produce the best content for ordinary people. Straight on the last five years, in the absence of the mobile Internet age of knowledge economy, after graduating from university, system study is the main way of reading, some people may try to mu class, but always only popular in small circles. The concept of knowledge pay seems to be as "a", 2016 suddenly popping up in front of the public. Supposedly "knowledge economy" is not something new, go to school, to buy books, knowledge is always negotiable, her 13 himself said: "today's knowledge economy looks a bit like"...
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